‘All we need is love…and music!

‘All we need is love…and music!

“All we need is love” made famous by the Beatles but how about a little bit of music as well? It is no secret we at JiveBird love our music because music is a great way to reconnect with your memories and show love to someone dear to usThe pandemic has been like a broken record and all of us need a lift – let’s do that with the charm of music!  


In this blog, we want to compile the best songs for each occasion for you to jazz up someone’s day by creating a JiveBird for them! The fun side of JiveBird is that you can attach your personalised message to the music to add an inside joke or story related to the music and attach an eCard, selfie, or the optional eGift – all in one but it’s the music that makes us have the joyful moment! 


  1. Birthday 


It is their big day, and you want to impress them with a greeting that they relate to. No matter how old they are, birthdays are a day of appreciation and joy! Expressing that heartfelt birthday message can be tricky but music helps express love the best way! You just can’t go wrong with the song ‘Starman’, an all-time classic composed by an iconic musician, David Bowie. Perfect for Birthdays or simply to an 80s music enthusiast! The lyrics are catchy and will strike a chord with the receiver. Another song we recommend for you is ‘Another one bites the Dust’. It’s simple and poking fun at them growing old! If you’re a traditionalist, a simple ‘Happy Birthday song is bound to pull the strings of their heart! Make sure you also sing happy birthday when you record a personalised voice message!  


  1. A gigantic thank you to a teacher! 


It’s been a difficult year in teaching and the academic. Zoom online teaching has not been the same and for you parents out there, homeschooling became a regular activity. From teachers to parents homeschooling their kids, you’ve all done a fabulous job and you all deserve a JiveBird! Sending your teacher or mentor a JiveBird through music is fun! One fun song we recommend sending as a JiveBird is ‘School’s out’ by AC/DC. A classic and a very quotable song! If you want to the extra mile and sing their praises, we recommend ‘you’re the best around. A song you are probably familiar with from watching popular films. Whatever song it is, make sure to send your thank yous to the teachers by also adding a voice message and eCard as teachers are the ones who took you under their wing! 


  1. Sports 


You just can’t avoid sports at this time of the year! Euro 2020 and Wimbledon all happening. JiveBird is all about having fun and being creative. We have the best songs in the app for you. Your friend’s country has been knocked out of the Euros? Our recommendation is ‘We are the champions by Queen. Another iconic song by Queen (they just have everyday lyrics that are easy to remember!), the lyrics ‘no time for losers’ will be perfect to poke fun at your mates! Add a personalised message and share your banter about their teams!  


  1. Love 


Time to get all those feels sent out in the form of music and show them how much you love them! Every relationship has its milestones and for anniversaries or just a spontaneous ‘I was thinking of you’ gesture, we have the best love songs! We have an entire music catalogue on our app on love and anniversaries with songs such as ‘I will always love you and ‘Just the way you are’. Perhaps our most popular song is ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran. Whatever the love song, you are sure to melt their heart with your JiveBird! Remember all you need is love!  


Whatever the occasion there is, we have the right music for you to send to your friends and family. JiveBird is more than just your average greetings app. It’s creatively sharing your love and happiness by creating your own personalised message, music, selfie, eCard and the optional eGift – all in one! 


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