Celebrate Father’s Day with a JiveBird!

Celebrate Father’s Day with a JiveBird!

Father’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning ways to make dad happy and we know what dad wants this year! For this year, flex your creative muscles and send a JiveBird. You owe it to your dad to make this Father’s Day different and what better way than a personalised greeting? So buckle up and create a JiveBird because we have a range of features for every father out there!

For the cheesy dad that loves a classic dad joke, you can record a personalised voice message and play the comedian and record a joke! We’ve listed some of our favourites dad jokes but be warned, you may never hear the end of these jokes at the dinner table! 

  • What do you call dishes far away from the sink? Social dish-tancing 
  • What did the Kola say when the bears didn’t like it? I have all the Kola-fications
  • Why is Peter Pan always flying? He neverlands! 
  • I used to hate facial hair but then it grew on me
  • I went to the gym and lost a few stones, but I found some rocks


Create a JiveBird and make dad laugh out loud with these jokes!

Is your dad a music nerd? He may whistle a classic 80s song on his way to work or play the same song on his playlist. Browse through our music section on the app to find a song that matches his musical persona! We have the perfect list of music for you to send to him! Whether it’s a song from Prince or Marvin Gaye, it is sure to give him a trip down memory lane! Receiving a song may be small but the gesture can have a large impact as it could resonate memories back to that wedding day! 

If there is one thing dads love, it’s an eCard! We have a plethora of eCards that are sure to melt his heart and honour him on Father’s Day! Your card will make him laugh or cry tears of joy. You can personalise eCard with the right things to say, this will make your eCard more personal. As well as this, send a cheeky selfie to dad! Create a JiveBird and don’t forget to smile for the selfie!

For the dad is content with eGifts, we have a variety of eGifts! For the dad that is obsessed with technology, gaming and gadgets, surprise him with a Curry’s PC world eGift. The geeky side will come back alive! Or for the sport-mads dad who stands in front of the telly or is on his phone to check the scores, surprise him with an Arsenal eGift card! We hope you absorb his football rants later! Or simply buy him a Costa or Starbucks eGift! Dads need all the coffee in the world to get by the day!

Father’s Day is special and dads of all different personalities and hobbies deserve love. Dads taught us everything in life. From sharing wisdom, guiding us, sharing cheesy jokes or lending you money for lunch, it’s only right you show gratitude with a JiveBird for the man that can never be replaced. We know Father’s Day isn’t quite the same this year but no matter which JiveBird feature you use, the sentiment will still be heart-warming. It’s beautiful that you’re still showing him this amount of love with a JiveBird. Give yourself a pat on the back and create a JiveBird!

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