For The Love of JiveBird!

For The Love of JiveBird!

There is a JiveBird for everyone and for every occasion. With Lockdown being eased and the whole nation almost at the end of the finishing line, sending a JiveBird is a fun and heartfelt way to celebrate the summer season! JiveBird bolsters the power of celebrating moments like this through music.

Users can express their emotions through a song. Search songs like ‘Freedom’ by George Michael on the app to send it to your friends and family to celebrate the freedom we’ll have now that the lockdown rules have been eased! After all people are enjoying pubs reopening, spending time with others in cafes (within the rules) and being able to hug their parents again! Oh, have we missed giving our loved ones the biggest and squeeziest hugs!

We have moved with enormous poise during the lockdowns; staying at home, working from home, zoom meetings, talking to friends over the phone or internet, using eGreetings to send our gratitude to those who matter to us and so on so forth. At JiveBird, we believe in the power of connecting with those close to us in a virtual way and sending them love and bundles of joy!



With the sheer joy of socialising again, it feels good to interact with others. It is this symbiosis that makes JiveBird special because with or without lockdown, consumers can always send a JiveBird to tell someone how much they appreciate them and show that through music, eCards or selfie. Sending a cheeky JiveBird telling a friend the pubs are back open and that the first round is on you! Togetherness is all in the spirit of JiveBird.

You can also spoil your friends with an eGift to go on a shopping spree now that stores and restaurants have reopened! Courtesy of our Starbucks and Costa eGifts, you can give someone endless choices on what to buy! After all, getting an iced coffee is a good way of celebrating lockdown ending!

Perhaps what matters most is the light at the end of the tunnel. There is optimism about what’s coming ahead and there is so much to look forward to. JiveBird is all about giving a sense of unity and togetherness. After a few lockdowns and uncertainty, it is important to send someone special a JiveBird to celebrate the country reopening again. Lockdown easing calls for more job opportunities. Know a friend that just found a new job? Get them a personalised JiveBird eCard to congratulate them on their new job! Also, show that through a song and wish them luck in their new 9 to 5 living as Dolly Parton pointed out!

Love comes in all forms. JiveBird is just another way to show love!

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