JiveBird’s Partnerships and eGift Option!

JiveBird’s Partnerships and eGift Option!

The past year or so has set a vital reminder on the importance of showing our appreciation and love to others. JiveBird generates smiles across the UK through heartfelt greetings and eGifts.

In an industry like ours, where competition is healthy and burgeoning, it is so important to build an online presence that makes those connections personal. One way of doing this is by adding the eGift option on our app. eGifts encourage recipients to go on a shopping spree and who doesn’t love shopping? This is why we’ve decided to partner with top brands such as ASDA, Starbucks, Amazon, M&S, BodyShop, Costa Coffee and many more!  

JiveBird - online greetings and gifting platform. all occasions!

Consumers have the power to deliver eGifts instantly or schedule them. No post, no wrapping and no waiting in queues. It’s 100% digital. The eGift voucher is one of the five great things that makes a JiveBird greeting special along with your message, music, eCard, selfie, eGift – in one!

We encourage consumers to send eGift cards with love and also have some fun with the personalised voice message. Got a friend that can’t live without ASDA’s croissants? Tease them through a voice message and gift them the ASDA eGift voucher!

One thing all participants in the eGreetings market know is that love and appreciation are at the heart of the greeting experience. And JiveBird is flying high when it comes to making these moments happen. With the collaboration with these top retailers and brands, we can work together to put smiles on people’s faces at times of uncertainty.

Whether it’s spoiling them through a BodyShop voucher to give them spa products or giving a coffee voucher to help them get through their day, eGifts are a sure way to let loved ones know you are thinking of them, without leaving the house.

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