5 Ways to Prepare For Christmas in November

Preparing for Christmas in November

5 Ways to Prepare For Christmas in November

Christmas is a wonderful time full of love and joy, but as I’m sure we all know, it can also be a source of great stress. Finding Christmas presents, gifts, arranging the Christmas dinner on time, remembering to post Christmas greeting cards — there’s a lot of planning involved in a successful Christmas season! 

But let us let you in on a little secret: the Big Christmas Panic isn’t inevitable, and there’s one easy way to avoid (or at least reduce) it: start sooner than you think you need to! Preparing for Christmas in November is proven to save you time, stress, and sometimes even money.

So here are 5 ways you can get a head start on Christmas this November so you can approach the big day with peace of mind and a reduced to-do list.

1 – Book your slot for grocery delivery

Don’t stress about scouring all the grocery stores for a Christmas turkey the day before Christmas Eve — with grocery delivery, there’s no need! Check out your preferred grocery chain’s website or mobile app and pre-book your groceries to be delivered close to Christmas.

You can even book collection with most supermarkets so you can simply show up, grab your bags or boxes of pre-ordered groceries, and avoid the delivery charge!

Either way, make sure you book your Christmas slot sooner rather than later, because they fill up fast!

2 – Plan (and buy!) everyone’s CHRISTMAS presents!

We know it’s tempting to say “I’ll do it later,” but that’s the Christmas curse. Suddenly it’ll be December 20th and you still haven’t started shopping for gifts, and it becomes a frantic race to get whatever you can before the big day.

But it doesn’t have to be that way for the Christmas season.

Sit down in November and write a list of everyone you need to buy presents for and 2-3 gift ideas for each of them. Consider their interests, their lifestyle, and their work when brainstorming ideas. Presents can be sweet, funny, or helpful depending on the person and their preferences!

And if you struggle with brainstorming gift ideas, don’t have the time, or won’t be seeing all your loved ones in-person this year, don’t forget the easiest and most useful gift of them all: digital gift vouchers.

With an eGift, you can send it to anyone anywhere without paying a fortune for postage and worrying about delays. JiveBird offers free instant delivery of all eGift vouchers from our selection of top brands like Amazon, New Look, Currys, The Body Shop, and more!


There’s nothing worse than spending an entire evening writing a huge stack of greeting cards and licking envelopes, or realising you’ve forgotten someone on Christmas Eve and it’s too late to get it in the post.  

Even leading digital card companies depend on the post to get your greetings delivered on time, and that’s where JiveBird comes in for the Christmas season!

We’re so much more than a regular greeting company. With a selection of around 25,000 hit and popular songs, the ability to record personal voice messages, a choice between eCards and Photo eCards, optional eGift vouchers, and instant digital delivery, we’re changing the way you celebrate Christmas entirely. Your first 2 JiveBird greetings are completely free, and then they’re only 99p each, with no subscriptions or delivery fees.

And best of all, you can schedule your JiveBird greetings and gifts in advance! Work your way through your list of loved ones in November and schedule them to arrive whenever you want, even on Christmas Day itself.

With JiveBird, you can rest easy throughout December knowing your greetings and gifts are taken care of, and your loved ones are sure to love how personal and unique they are!


The stress of getting everyone on the same page when you’re planning an event is known to be a buzzkill. One person remembers the date incorrectly, another didn’t receive last week’s update about the attire, and another hasn’t checked their emails.

But it doesn’t have to be a disaster. Make group chats with all the invitees to plan your work parties, your last-minute meet-ups with friends, and even Christmas day!

Having one place to discuss the event with all your loves ones eliminates miscommunication so you can relax and get all the planning out of the way early.

Group chats are available on most smartphones, messaging apps, and social medias, so you can set up one however you prefer to communicate!


Much like you shouldn’t leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute, you also shouldn’t leave your loved ones waiting until the last minute either. Write your wishlist early so you can send it out as soon as possible, and spare everyone else the stress of struggling to know what to get for you.

You could even point them towards a specific gift voucher on JiveBird if your favourite retailer is on our list!

So now you know how to prepare for Christmas in November, and how JiveBird can help you do that. Sending a greeting or gift has never been easier.

Download the app today on iOS and Android and get your first 2 JiveBird greetings FREE!

Merry Christmas, JiveBirders!

With Love,
The JiveBird Team.

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