JiveBird In The News!

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JiveBird In The News!

Have we got news for you – JiveBird has been featured in various national papers this year! This is paramount to us because we’ve been working hard all year to build our brand. It’s been a collective effort from all those associated with JiveBird.

London Mums Magazine highlighted how JiveBird makes it convenient for consumers, who have busy lifestyles, to schedule greetings in advance;

‘For people always on cloud nine like myself, it’s easy to forget dates especially when it comes to sending cards for special occasions. I have found a digital service that does the trick for me: it’s JiveBird, a unique, customisable and easy to use fully digital greetings’ platform.

We are also thankful to the regional newspaper Northern Echo for supporting our vision that eGreetings is the alternative to traditional cards and grateful to Connor Larman; the journalist who published the article.

Given that we are in the greetings industry, comparisons are going to be naturally made with the big hitters like Moonpig and Funky Pigeon. While other greetings companies offer traditional cards, we are more than that; we offer consumers an unparalleled product. We are a digital greeting platform that allows customers to send a voice message, music, selfie, eCard and optional eGift – all in one!

‘JiveBird argues that traditional cards are a thing of the past and want to change the way greeting cards are sent’

Click on the link here to read the rest of the article

Furthermore, Business news site New Digital Age also talked about how JiveBird has the edge over the traditional competitor

‘Consumers can now not only send just an eGreeting and or eCard, but they can include a hit song, personalised voice message, and soon, even moving images and augmented reality. All of this takes an eGreeting to a level far beyond a physical card that you can pick up from the local shop.’

You can find the rest of the article here

Additionally, we were also featured in another regional paper, Lancashire Times. Crucially, the article looks at the potential of the eGreetings market

‘In what is an incredibly healthy market, we’re seeing investors looking to take a slice of the eGreetings pie and there is rejuvenated enthusiasm for an offering such as ours as JiveBird’

JiveBird’s aim is to give the customers the best personalised eGreetings experience.

‘By thinking about the customer and their current desires and requirements, the eGreeting market has been able to ensure that the consumer experience is the core of the market and a providing a service that is needed’

Click here to read the article in full.

The pandemic has been unfortunate, and it did stifle the progress of businesses. However, the online consumer world thrived. Consumers searched for more convenient ways to stay in touch with loved ones. Shoring up digital identity is a massive opportunity that JiveBird has seized.

‘The eGreetings market has all the potential to make waves and turn the greetings and gifting industry on its head. Digital has hit the greetings business and it’s here to stay’

As stated by The Yorkshire Times

2020 and 2021 have not been easy years for all of us. We’ve all been stuck in the endless midst of lockdown and restrictions. The demand for staying in touch with one another has increased. We at JiveBird want to spread smiles across the nation by giving customers a product that allows them to send virtual hugs and send personalised greetings that makes a difference to someone’s day.

‘However, the eGreeting and eGifts market has been able to put the customer at the heart of their product and offer a service that can be organised, delivered and received whilst at home. Neither sender nor recipient of an eGreeting needs to worry about postage or leaving their home at a time when it is nerve-wracking to do so’

As said by New Digital Age.

We are proud of all our work so far and we are aiming to go even higher. JiveBird has progressed in 2021. Thank you for your tremendous support!

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