Do you want some ideas on sending an eGreeting that makes your friends and loved ones smile? Join the JiveBird Nest! JiveBird is your message, music, eCard, photo, and optional eGift all in one. JiveBird is the 21st century way to send an eGreeting because it is 100% digital.  This Facebook group is about creating JiveBirds, sharing our JiveBirds, giving eGreetings, and keeping each other up to date on sending JiveBirds for any occasion. Get all the tips and ideas for creating the perfect JiveBird for someone you care about. This a safe space to share any and all ideas, selfies, favourite JiveBirds, and to admit if you are a last-minute Nigel. Join our Facebook group to learn how to make a JiveBird. A JiveBird is for everyone! Join our Nest today!