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The pandemic, whilst hitting most of the economy and investments really hard, is actually our golden egg opportunity. This is the moment for JiveBird to really spread its wings! While millions of people are getting in a flap about how to send loved ones a personal message and gift.

Our feathered friend is here to take the stress away, so everyone can create and send a fully digital and personal greeting and a gift online. The fun, safe and easy way. Like the sound of us? Then let’s jump’n JiveBird!

The JiveBird Story

The JiveBird idea was first hatched several years ago by founders Paul & Dominic. Before Broadband was a thing, Paul was asked to provide the music for a telephone service, delivering both a message and a song. But even with lots of public interest, lack of bandwidth stopped the idea ever taking off. Today, almost everyone has unlimited bandwidth. And Paul & Dominic gave their big idea a big digital transformation into greetings and gifts. The JiveBird digital app was born!


They built some fledgling prototypes, and things really started to take off. After much research and trials, in addition to a voice message, they added an eCard, and then the ability to add an image or a selfie. Then they took the idea even higher, adding an eGift voucher that can be ordered and then redeemed online and delivered to a chosen address.


Working with expert partners Xiatech, who completed the build of JiveBird v2.0.; Prod, the creative production agency and their parent company Cravens who have improved the branding, app UX, website and films; Diggecard who have provided an inventory of eGift vouchers from top brands; and Boodle Hatfield who ensure JiveBird can protect all early investors.


With new investors signing up regularly, this is still only the beginning of the JiveBird story. During this challenging time JiveBird spreads its wings further, as our product and marketing teams continue to evolve the technology and communications to capitalise on our fully digital and personalised service.


JiveBird puts the power of a personal greetings, music, gifts and more to share with friends and loved ones in the palm of their hand.
Join us as we fly into our next chapter.