The JiveBird idea was first hatched several years ago by founders Paul & Dominic. Before Broadband was a thing, Paul was asked to provide the music for a telephone service, delivering both a message and a song. But even with lots of public interest, lack of bandwidth stopped the idea ever taking off. Today, almost everyone has unlimited bandwidth. And Paul & Dominic gave their big idea a big digital transformation into greetings and gifts.

The JiveBird digital app was born! We built some fledgling prototypes, and things really started to take off. After much research and trials, in addition to a voice message, we added a Card, and then the ability to add an image or a selfie, then a video message. Then we took the idea even higher, adding a Gift voucher that can be ordered and then redeemed online and delivered to a chosen address. We have been lucky enough to work with great partners: Tech Ravens, who add all the wonderful new features; Diggecard, who have provided a great range of Gift vouchers from top brands; Boodle Hatfield, who ensure JiveBird can protect all early investors.

With new investors signing up regularly, this is still only the beginning of the JiveBird story. Thanks to our media campaigns on TV, radio, newspapers and even motorway services, more and more people are flocking to JiveBird: Lucy saying get well to a friend, Maria sending £10 to a relative overseas, Nigel sending a last minute birthday greeting, Chloe sending a talking, singing postcard from her holiday, Sophie thanking her staff with a voucher and John rewarding his customers for switching their business to him. And we are building more and more exciting features to make JiveBird to go-to place for greetings and gifts.

Dominic McGonigal

Dominic is an expert non-exec director for creative and digital businesses – chair of JiveBird, C8 Associates, DashboardFX, Governors for Schools and Snowsport England. Dominic was previously a board director of PPL and a C-level executive at PRS, both leading music industry rights organisations for music publishing and recording rights.


Dominic has substantial experience when it comes to setting up international businesses, restructuring and handling all industry regulations, or government relations.


Over a long and varied career, Dominic has succeeded in delivering substantial growth to numerous companies, both as an exec and a non-exec.

Paul Lynton

With a background in music and TV marketing, Paul is acknowledged as an expert in IP, Digital rights marketing, promotion and licensing and production.


Not one to name drop, Paul has worked with big industry players like Simon Cowell, Peter Waterman, EMI, Sony, Universal, BMG, BBC, ATV, Alvin Stardust and Carlin Music Corporation working on world-renowned acts including Elvis Presley, and Motown’s roster of artists. Recently Paul had a successful exit sale to Universal Music with a hit music publishing & recording catalogue he and his colleague controlled.


Together Paul and Dominic had the vision to make Jivebird fly – join them as they revolutionise the digital greetings and gifting market