Want to join us on the JiveBird journey? We noticed people stopped sending a card in the post, so we created JiveBird, the all-singing, all-dancing greeting and gift platform. We all love a song and a little video. Put that together in a card, plus an optional Gift, and you have JiveBird. We’ve already raised £800k from investors like you who want to be part of something big.

Our plan is to go all the way to unicorn as there are so many who will benefit from JiveBird – Lucy saying get well to a friend, Maria sending £10 to a relative overseas, Nigel sending a last minute birthday greeting, Chloe sending a talking, singing postcard from her holiday, Sophie thanking her staff with a voucher and John rewarding his customers for switching their business to him. We are open to new shareholders joining the company. If you would like to buy some shares (currently £40 each), please just fill in the little form below and we will send you the full investor pack. Once you become a shareholder, your shares will be registered on our cap table platform and at Companies House.

To register your interest in JiveBird

shares, please complete this form.

Please send me the JiveBird Investor Pack or email dominic.mcgonigal@JiveBird.com