Personalise your Messages

With JiveBird, you can send a personalised greeting that includes a card, a photo, a video, a message and a any song. Whether it's for a birthday, congratulations, get well soon, or just to say “Thinking of you“, you can flex your creative muscles and create a special JiveBird that your loved one will treasure.

Covers All Occasions

Whatever the occasion, JiveBird has got you covered! Be it a birthday, Valentine's Day, anniversary, or just to stay in touch, you can send a JiveBird to express your feelings.

Digital Delivery

Don't worry if the shop is closed or you don't like deliveries, JiveBird offers an all-digital package that can be received in a matter of seconds. You can put a smile on someone's face just by sending a JiveBird!

Arrive On The Day

With JiveBird’s digital delivery, you can send a JiveBird instantly or schedule it to arrive on the special day. No more waiting for the post or worrying about the flowers that never arrive. Your JiveBird will arrive just when you want it.

Stay Connected

With travel getting increasingly difficult, you can still stay connected. With JiveBird, you can send a package straight from the sofa and stay in touch with your loved ones, wherever you are.

Precious Gifts

JiveBird offers Gifts from some of the nation's most popular brands, including BodyShop, John Lewis and Costa Coffee. Surprise your loved ones with a precious Gift and send a little something with JiveBird! JiveBird is the ultimate way to send personalised greetings that will delight your friends and loved ones. With its double delivery, you can be sure that your message will reach them wherever they are. So, power up JiveBird and spread delight today.